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All residents should have the opportunity and access to resources and venues that foster their personal and professional growth.  If elected RFMTE, I intend to be a voice for trainees with brilliant thoughts and ambitions that are otherwise unheard/unseen.  Likewise, we all brush shoulders with underserved populations, and I intend to champion your grassroots efforts and highlight your projects that seek to meet their needs.


In a field that readily exposes providers to the intractable sorrows and pains of others, I have seen trainees in multiple locations championing self-care/anti-burnout missions.  I intend to give these innovators a stage to broaden their impact.  In doing so, we will gain crucial experience in therapies that will augment our practice.


Psychiatry in the United States has a unique challenge of attempting to permeate many divides: race, gender, orientation, culture, religion, age, and tech-savvy.  I intend to link those residents and fellows with the right cultural competencies with the means and populations to help magnify their impact.

About The candidate

Dan Hart

I am a PGY3 in the National Capitol Consortium, a veteran with over twenty years of service in the military including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and a father of ten kids with one amazing wife. Initially at odds with the notion of being a psychiatrist, I came full circle when I realized what depth, opportunity and significance our field possesses.  And I love it!

My undergrad was at West Point.  I have a Masters Degree in International Relations and conducted an Operational Emergency Medicine rotation in Italy and a Neuropsychiatric rotation in India.  I graduated as an MD from the Uniformed Services University.


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